Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Details on the Death of Famous Russian Model Ruslana Korshunova

New information has surfaced up regarding death of Russian supermodel Ruslana Korshunova. Korshunova is believed to have committed suicide by jumping out of the window from her Manhattan apartment over 2 years ago. She was only 20 years old. According to the new details the tragic incident could be possibly associated with the Moscow organization "Rose of the World." The reasons for suicide are still not determined and the investigation case has been closed shortly after her death.

Her friend and manager Peter Pomerantsev is carrying out his own investigation and found out that Korshunova may have been alluded to end her life by Russian sect "Rose of the World."

Korshunova has turned to sect after the break with the boyfriend and mentor, whom she planned to marry.
However, none of the friends and relatives of Ruslana believe that she died because of these reasons. Pomerantsev argues that the work of the model was never a goal and she was going to apply to university to pursue education.

In addition, during the time of incident she was in a good spirit and has fully recovered from unhappy romance.

It has been confirmed that Ruslana attended classes at the "Rose of the World."
Her friend, model Anastasia Drozdova committed suicide in Kiev a year after Ruslana. Girls paid money for a three day course that was intended to help identify personal goals and achieve wealth.

Pomerantsev reported that he obtained a secret recording from the training at the "Rose of the World"."Everything is designed to suppress consciousness, to turn off critical thinking," - he writes.
The audience is asked about the worst moments in their lives. She talked about her father's death, her failed romance. She was hysterically crying and laughing interchangeably. Course entailed three days of screaming, recovery from repressed memories, meditations, dances, tears and ecstasy" – he reported. Meanwhile, Anastasia and Ruslana attended this insanely expensive and intense training because they believed that they found a place where they can be themselves.

Center website says that the trainings are based on the teachings of Lifespring, once popular in the U.S.
However, there is no mention of lawsuits against the organization brought up by former students. Former students suffered obscured sense of reality and psychological implications as a result of the course and filed complaints to local authorities. As a result of the charges the American part of the organization was closed in 1980. In Russia Lifespring didn’t cease activity and if fact is popular among certain parts of population.

Ruslana attended courses in January-February 2008 and on June 28 fell from the balcony of her apartment located on the ninth floor of one of Manhattan's condo building.
A year later Anastasia Drozdova died in a similar circumstances. Police closed Ruslana’s case almost immediately concluding that it was a suicide. There were a number of controversial facts that spurred doubts in validity of the investigation conclusion. One was that the distance between the body and the building was larger than expected in this case. Another - absence of the suicide note. According to Ruslana’s friends she was very scared of heights. Height phobia was noted by her colleagues during the Nina Ricci advertisement shooting weeks before her death. Shortly after her death there was a speculation that Ruslana was a victim of stalking by an elite prostitution agency that tried to recruit her for a high profile client and she refused. Agency was applying physiological pressure on Ruslana and she threatened to call police.

Korshunova career began in November 2003 back in Russia. She was offered a job by the American agent who spotted her print ad in the airplane brochure.
Her first high fashion run show was for Marc Jacobs in 2005.Ruslana appeared in ad campaigns for Paul Smith, Clarins, Kenzo, Moschino and Nina Ricci. She worked a large number of run way shows in Paris and New York. She was known for her very long gorgeous hair and catty face features – green eyes and pointy face. Fashion magazines predicted Korshunova to become next Natalia Vodianova.

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